This isn’t an easy reading website nor a space for boring people.
The development and evaluation of any of the urban prescriptions listed here have been complex processes and full of interrelationships. We continue interchanging political negotiations with urban alegality.
And, of course, constructing together the network of Arquitecturas Colectivas that offers the information, protocols and beers to the collectives and individuals that want to assume responsabilities.

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Recetas Urbanas
desde 2007 a la actualidad


The different cranes made from stabilization estructures for facades, allowed us to have a carrying system for the construction of the ilegal houses on rooftops. In this system, the crane carried piece by piece, through the stairs or the elevator, transformed itself in the columns of the final construction.

Recetas Urbanas constructed two cranes for delocalized projects and another one, for an exhibition at the 11th Architecture Biennal in Venice.

Evaluation and Protocols

This type of structure can be rent or bought,even if it had a long use, because the material has a long term resistance, besides the characteristic of being able to be move by small pieces.

This design allow us to construct a crane with two or three people as a Lego, in half an hour. After the crane is assembled, we can carry all the material in a discret and silent way, and preferably from a courtyard.
The current system, specially the one from Rehasa Estructuras, gives the option for untrained people to collaborate on this type of construction works. We looked for this mechanism due a need of the self-build process to create trust in people about it and also to speed up the implementation of the construction works, because the urgency that is an inherent quality of some of the projects.
They were used in delocalized projects due legality and privacy issues, as well as, exhibit overly in an Architecture Biennale without its lawbreaker character, just as an object used to transmit a message and promote our practice.
These public presentations in cultural forums always have been done with other “real guerrilla objects” whose functionality has been tested previously; they are never done just because an institution requested them to be exhibit in these cultural events.

Budgets and Resources


Internal Communication


Reusing Materials


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