This isn’t an easy reading website nor a space for boring people.
The development and evaluation of any of the urban prescriptions listed here have been complex processes and full of interrelationships. We continue interchanging political negotiations with urban alegality.
And, of course, constructing together the network of Arquitecturas Colectivas that offers the information, protocols and beers to the collectives and individuals that want to assume responsabilities.

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Recetas Urbanas
desde 2007 a la actualidad

Cuarto Revelado

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The Cuarto Revelado (Developing Room) is a self-build and self-managed photography atelier destinated to the production of audiovisual projects inside the framework of La Carpa collective project in Seville.

This project is being designed by Recetas Urbanas and La Jarapa, and its characterized by its optimum adaptation to the needs of its collective user. The economic resources to build it was close to zero.
An agreement between the Sevillan Company REMSA and Recetas Urbanas, was signed for the cession of two containers in exchange for a video. The assembly of the project, the recycling and reuse strategies and the sharing of resources between the collective groups as well as the implementation of the self-build process and participation method between several social groups and friends allowed the rapid construction of the Cuarto Revelado, a space that has a playful character. Belén, Juan and David, from La Jarapa, followed this process until the end, constructing also the furniture and terraces with recycled materials.
In the project you can find: in the first floor, the office, a space dedicated to the projects management, including the participative workshops with schools and institutes of Sevilla, among others. The ground floor has a developing room to reveal analogue photographs, the space that gives the name to the atelier. The scheme was completed with a covered porch and a small terrace, that has the objective of being fullfil with plants and spaces of shade.
"Everything here is a matter of reprocity and exchange; The kids are welcome to share moments of findings with activities developed inside the space of El Cuarto Revelado"

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Project Data Sheet




Threshold nº41 – Revolution!, p.16-129, Massachussets Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Estados Unidos, 2013. [978-0-9835082-6-7]