This isn’t an easy reading website nor a space for boring people.
The development and evaluation of any of the urban prescriptions listed here have been complex processes and full of interrelationships. We continue interchanging political negotiations with urban alegality.
And, of course, constructing together the network of Arquitecturas Colectivas that offers the information, protocols and beers to the collectives and individuals that want to assume responsabilities.

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Recetas Urbanas
desde 2007 a la actualidad

Trucks, Containers, Collectives

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Trucks, containers, collectives stems from an exceptional opportunity in the heritage of street furniture recovery: a series of housing- containers handed over by the Municipal Society for Urban Rehabilitation of the City Hall of Saragossa, for different collectives, associations and citizen groups to use. The previous experiences of the selfbuildings called Trenches made for the Faculty of Fine Arts of Malaga (2006) and Aula Abierta in Granada (2007) were important lessons from which we derived many tools that have facilitated things for us in a broader initiative not only at technical, legal and administrative levels, but also regarding everything related to cooperative work and the generation of collective wealth.

Evaluation and Protocols

The range of situations experienced so far is heterogeneous. The groups involved in the experiment stem from very diverse fields and in addition to them, there are people from institutions who have supported the creation of spaces granted to residents, with a greater or lesser degree of autonomy.

The diversity of promoters combined to the wide range of case studies for projects shows different protocols for very diverse situations, involving several types of occupation agreements and legal definitions, funding and management, relationships with surroundings and the context and frames of temporality and continuance. The initiative’s success and viral expansion show the importance of self-management processes as supplements or proposals for social and political work different from that of the Establishment, which attempts strictly to control and capitalize on any citizen activity.

Budgets and Resources


Internal Communication


Reusing Materials


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Project Data Sheet




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