This isn’t an easy reading website nor a space for boring people.
The development and evaluation of any of the urban prescriptions listed here have been complex processes and full of interrelationships. We continue interchanging political negotiations with urban alegality.
And, of course, constructing together the network of Arquitecturas Colectivas that offers the information, protocols and beers to the collectives and individuals that want to assume responsabilities.

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Recetas Urbanas
desde 2007 a la actualidad

Emergency Propping Up

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After three years from our first visit to Los Santos de Maimona cement factory, along with several meetings of collective works that were done on the headquarter of Conceptuar-te, from now on they will be call “Lafábrika-detodalavida” (LFdtV), will take the lead of the new stage of the process.

This raises the action to retake the initial idea of reused and preserve the majority of spaces in the cement factory, which is still in partial abandonment by the public administration.
The choice of the open building, which is the head of the main square in the industrial complex and located in front of the warehouses that are officially assigned to the collective group; it presents us, the possibility of an affirmative action, that will be really visible, and it will cheer up the neighbors and awake the politicians.
The material resources at our disposal came from gathered in everywhere and stored in safe environments diverse materials, a work that was done by LFdtV, who gave 90 scaffolding props, as well as, wood and ancillary material for construction. The whole installation will be complete with concrete made in situ with sand and crushed stones that come from the abandoned cement factory itself.
Recetas Urbanas develops the implementation of the action with the technical opinion recommended by bAuk, a cooperative of experts that collaborates with us since the Pumarejo project.

Evaluation and Protocols

The strategy is seen as an element that hopes up and very committed, supplementing the City Council on its duty of preserve; but the action has the urge of collaborate with it and not to confront it.

The results will be evaluate once the action will be completed. The main objective is to stabilize the building and prevent its collapse.

Budgets and Resources


Internal Communication


Ctra. Paraje La Nava, s/n

06230 Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz


Reusing Materials


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