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Collaborative Architecture/




Un building the warehouse: Antonio Collados, Alberto Cobos, Jesús Pérez, Marián Medina, Laura Sánchez, Raquel Moreno, María Gil, David Malagón, Luis Bravo-Villasante, Néstor Cruz, Manuel Molina, Ana López, Irene Gómez, Francisco Miguel Gómez, José Antonio Álvarez, Francisco Ignacio Díaz, Mª Carmen Jiménez, Cristina Jiménez, Rosana Cámara, Aurelie Possien, Julie Meigneux, Román Torre, Guillaume Meigneux, José Manuel Parodi, Ana Delgado, Cristina Garzón, Hugo Luque, Berta Wilhelmi, Pablo Pérez, María García, Marina Álvarez, José Daniel Campos, Alba Benítez, Elisa Martínez, Luis Villar, Salvador Navarro, Luca Stasi, Tânia Magda Santos, Manuel García, Juan Lozano Martínez, Esteban Vidal Angulo, María Alicia Campos, Álvaro Pérez, Laura Suárez, Víctor García, Daniel Campos, Javier Hernández, Julián Roberto Rodriguez, Nathalie, Jorge Conejo, Nara Santos


Building  AulABIERTA: Celia Maria Acien, Laura Noemí Alonso, José Antonio Arrebol, Blas Blanco, José Manuel Campos, David Escolano, Alicia Severiana Espinal, Emilio Luis Fernández, Nicolás Fernández, Beatriz Fontes, Jorge Félix Frías, Antonio Galindo, Rebeca Gallard, Carmen María García, Encarnación García, Juan González, Blas López, David Lozano, Francisco Javier Martínez, Juan Martínez, Arturo Masegosa, Carmen Mesas, Jesús Miranda, Juan José Munuera, José Manuel Ortega, Olga María Ortiz, Francisco Jesús Ramírez, Joaquín Rincón, Nieves Rodríguez, Mar Rosales, Jesús Rubio, Manuel Ruiz, Héctor Gracia, Raquel Ruiz, Francisco Miguel Ruiz, Pablo Carlos Sáez, Jorge Carlos Salmerón, Juan Antonio Vallejo, Marián Medina, Alba Benítez, Alberto Cobos Álvarez, Pablo Pérez, María Gil, Jesús Pérez, Luis Bravo-Villasante, David Malagón, Ana Delgado, Cristina Garzón, Tânia Magda Santos, Luca Stasi, Alejandro Bonasso, Gergo Kukucska, Marta Menacho y Antonio Collados




The Open Classroom Association (AAABIERTA) - was formed through debate and working meetings amongst a shifting group of students of Fine Arts, Architecture and other disciplines that have taken place since November of 2004, in which students insisted on the need to acquire a physical and psychological space for work and urban reflection through the use of various tools. In this Situation, an architect and AAABIERTA collaborate to take apart a building owned by the Granada City Council before it can be demolished. They accomplish this after convincing the City Council to give up the real estate, the developer who was going to undertake work on the land to allow them to work there, an insurance agent to trust the students with insurance and control of the proposed work, and the University of Granada to enhance this cultural and social experience by allowing a creative and demanding group of young people to manage some unused and left over resources.  This act of disassembly-assembly makes clear the tremendous social commitment that unites its participants and leads them to collectively figure out how to introduce and construct the new space, which was evaluated in the course "From the insurance of civil responsibility to the self-threading screw."  Materials and subjects include the architect Antonio Collados's first mail, material taken from the disassembly of the City Council building (carried out by 25 people in 8 days), and later the collaboration of 60 friends in constructing the new building, which will be located - the rights having been obtained, naturally - on the common ground of the University of Granada.


Subjects > the Open Classroom Association (AAABIERTA) and a visiting architect

Collaborators > Open Classroom Association (AAABIERTA), Visogsa,  City Countil of Granada, Vice Dean of infrastructure

Materials > a building taken apart piece by piece and material from other projects.  And enough beer, tapas and Cuba libres to allow an indefinite number of new friends to invent and plan a common project

Description > recovery of construction materials, left-over material donated and even stolen to build a centre of operations.

Approximate surface area >

Disassembled building: 1000 m2

Planned building: ground floor 80 m2, upper floor 20 m2



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