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Strategies for Subversive Urban Occupation/



Skips. Dumpsters.





Apply to the Urban Planning Department of your town for a permit to install a skip on the chosen site. Your application should include a detailed sketch (pavements, road, position, etc.), along with the 5.688 ptas / 35 euros it costs. The guarantee of the concession of the license comes given by the simultaneous justification from a supposed inner reform, which involves filling out a minor works application form (no technical design is required), with its corresponding cost (approximately 3.000 ptas / 18 euros).



Once the permit for installation has been granted (a month later), proceed immediately to install the skip. You should preferably build it yourself, as in this way you wiIl avoid any possible misunderstandings with the firm contracted.



There is also the option of applying, free of charge, for the KUVA SC. 670-794409 skip, which will be loaned by friendly agreement to the people or groups of people wishing to create reserves of urban land.



The functions and uses which can be created by these urban reserves are open to the imagination of those inhabiting them; they can be filled with the elements suggested or required by given functional and intellectual intentions: children's playground, information point, reading room, exhibition space, flamenco venue, giant flowerpot, etc.




Citizen who reviews, reinterprets and re-uses a city ordinance of the Seville General Urban Zoning Plan governing dumpster placement on public roads.  He creates an Urban Public Ground Reserve, using the dumpsters as the physical base for installing temporary equipment that can be run autonomously by neighborhood residents without institutional control.  In this way, citizens can practice their right to participate in the city's development.  The project involves collecting dumpsters holding steel beams and sheets, painting them in striking colors, and labeling them appropriately, just as the ordinance demands. In place of rubble, the citizens fill the dumpsters with a variety of equipment of their choosing, such as:  a wood floor used to build a Flamenco stage, steel benches and tables to form an area for reading and table games, various types of trees and plants for a garden, plasticized EPDM film with water and a trampoline for a swimming pool, and children's balance beams as part of a play area.


Subject > Citizen

Collaborators > Friends and neighbors and technics from the "Centro Andaluz de Teatro", especially Domi

Materials > Occupation license, steel beams and sheets, wooden boards, paint

Description > Skips with public furniture

Approximate surface area > 4 - 12 m2, depending on skip model




See also > REF.G COD.002

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